We provide heart-centered healthcare recruitment by building meaningful relationships, developing trust & adding real value to all of our partners. In this ultra-competitive market, our advantage is our compassion. How can we help?


                                                                  We specialize exclusively in recruiting Healthcare Professionals in all settings nationwide.  With over 14  years of industry expertise, we’re here to help!

Heart & Soul Healthcare offers a personalized recruiting experience for our partners. Our goal is to provide quality candidates who add immediate & long-term value to your organization. We strive to understand your unique needs and deliver.  #HeartSoulHC 

Whether you are a new grad looking for support & mentoring or an experienced healthcare profesisional looking for the next challenge, Heart & Soul Healthcare will provide you with all the necessary information to make a positive career choice. #HeartSoulHC 

I am inundated by recruiters in my role as Career Services Director at the University of New England seeking our health professions talent, at least one a day. Kent towers above them all – so much so I view him as a colleague and resource for my students. Kent presents to some of our professions on connecting with employers and in particular – in working with recruiters. I’ve grown to trust him and seek out his advice in matters of healthcare recruiting. I have full confidence in sending my students and alums his way for direction and perspective – and sometimes jobs too!! To have him in our backyard is a gift. To have him helping your career or organization find talent would be a smart, smart move. 
How can we help?  
info@heartandsoulhc.com       (205) 563-8262       #HeartSoulHC
Kent Skates, Owner 

What you do proves what you believe! 

People with passion can change healthcare for the better.  How can we help?